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Joan Watson ([personal profile] formersurgeon) wrote2020-06-27 02:00 pm
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Backtagging: Yep!
Threadhopping: Yep!
Fourthwalling: No, please
Offensive subjects (elaborate): None. I'm very hard to offend.


Hugging this character: Yes. She will be good with this if she considers you a friend, and a little taken aback but not necessarily object if not.
Kissing this character: A friendly kiss on the cheek in greeting is fine. She will push you away if you try to kiss her on the lips without her consent.
Flirting with this character: Go for it! Anything that smacks of sexism is likely to earn you a narrow-eyed glare and a sharp retort, but otherwise she's likely to flirt back.
Fighting with this character: Sure! Physically, she's not much of a fighter. Verbally, she takes all comers.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes. Tell me what you have in mind, and I'll roll with pretty much anything.
Killing this character: Yes. I like going dark, and angst is yummy.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Give it a shot! The only thing I've tried that hasn't really worked out is mind control. I just don't find it interesting to play out. Other than that, go for it.

A mild warning that Joan will try to deduce you, and she's pretty good at it. I promise I won't go overboard with her knowing EVERYTHING! RIGHT AWAY! but she is likely to pick up on things about your character, their past, their intentions, their plans, etc. If you really don't want her to do this, please let me know! Also please let me know if I ever go overboard with it!

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